The Illinois Drug Enforcement Officers Association is a non-profit association, founded in 1989. The association is governed by an executive board comprised of officials from various law enforcement agencies across the State of Illinois.

The association believes effective narcotics enforcement is predicated on establishing viable lines of communication and coordination of efforts among drug law enforcement entities. We strive to provide narcotics enforcement personnel with training appropriate to their mission. To this end, we hold statewide training sessions each year, which in the past, have included subjects such as the Erosion Process and Police Corruption, Courtroom Survival Techniques, Developing and Handling Informants, Undercover Operations, and Clandestine Laboratories.

Our members are sworn law enforcement officers spanning the entire State of Illinois who are tasked with enforcing narcotics laws and protecting the public from drug offenders. We support those officers in their mission to make Illinois a safer state for all its citizens.


Welcome to IDEOA. The nature of narcotic crimes and enforcement, both at the State and Federal level, has changed drastically over the years. The increased violence associated with the use and distribution of narcotics has permeated communities both large and small.  However, the individuals that make up our organization have never wavered from their mission, even in the face of increasing danger and public scrutiny.  The actions of our membership and conference attendees make a difference to someone, somewhere each time they answer the call to duty.  For that, they have earned the respect of their peers and a grateful community. All of us play an integral role in educating those we interact with each day. Cherish that role, be that role model for those you interact with, and hopefully they will be the positive change for everyone’s future.

I want to thank each of our members for the work they do to make our communities safer. Remember our brothers and sisters who are no longer with us. Ensure your priorities are in order; spend time with those you love, and ensure you are there for them whenever they need you. Always remember your safety and those around you are the most important aspect of any investigation. Take care of yourself, physically and mentally, so you live a long and happy life.



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Anthony Kestner, IDEOA Immediate Past President

IDEOA Board Members

Executive Board

Kevin Winslow, President
Marc Maton, Vice President
Andrew Anselm, Treasurer
Vacant, Secretary
Thomas Jennings, Conference Coordinator
Victor Markowski,
Executive Director
Anthony Kestner, Immediate Past President

Board Members

Robert Bell

Jason Brown

Eric Carter

Jose Chairez
Jonathan Edwards

Brandon Grzechowiak
Glenn Haas
Brendan Kelly

Christopher Koerner

Terry Lemming
Nicholas Roti
Leo Schmitz
Chris Sullivan

James Winters

Dant Foulk, General Counsel